Kim Myles Stencils!


I'm beyond thrilled to announce the launch of my Kim Myles Stencil Collection! Here's how it all started... 

Know this: I'd spent years living in rentals and longing for wallpaper. Years copying pictures of the stunning inlaid chests at Graham & Green to countless inspiration folders. It was my white whale: How do I create a truly layered space quickly, and in a non-damaging/easily reversable way? Over the years, I've experimented with masked and painted 'wallpaper', and killed whole days on doomed decoupage projects (OCD horror show). I'd used stencils, though I rarely found them in the scale I was looking for. I even purchased a larger wallpaper sized stencil at one point, but was never 100% on the finished pattern. Basically, I wanted to just make my own stencils so that I could have exactly what I was looking for.

And so I did! I reached out to the fabulous people over at Cutting Edge Stencils and creatd the Kim Myles 'Global Glam' Stencil Collection. I've been thinking about this for years, so I'm thrilled (and relieved) to finally be sharing my designs with you! 


Anyone remember this from my season of Design Star?:

I made paper plate ginkgo 'wallpaper' panels, and used a masked-off mosaic technique to give an inlaid effect (in under 4 hours) on the coffee table. It was simple, graphic and effective. ***It's so crazy to me when I look back at my early stuff - color behaves so differently on camera, and it took me a bit to make the adjustments. I remember thinking this pink would read far more delicately, and having a silent heart attack when I first saw it (too late) on the monitor.  I can laugh now....

Those were the seeds, and this is the fruit:


Kim Myles Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil

(Yep. That's a stencil. Tables, dressers, serving trays -- sky's the limit for this kit.)


Kim Myles Chinese Ginkgo Stencil


(A bit of an improvment on my paper plate concept, don't you think?!)


Kim Myles African Kuba Stencil


(I love love love Kuba cloth! It's clean and geometric without ever being stale.)


Kim Myles Peacock Headdress Stencil

(Feather headdresses delight me...Juju hat, anyone?!)


Kim Myles Pheasant Headdress Stencil


(Second verse, same as the first.)


There you have it - my first line of tools for the passionate decorator! I can't wait to see how you use them!




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cool stencils!

so cool. such a good idea!

OMG Kim, I looooove them all! May have to get my hands on some of those (the ginko leaves? Yes, please!) for my apt! We'll see...

Wow - that looks fantastic! You must be rellay pleased with how it turned out. I rellay like the design and the colours that you have used.I haven't yet tried stencilling onto a knit, so I think the tip about using a sponge sounds good. (I've been using a paint brush on the weave fabric). I must head off and get myself some of that textile medium you have been using ... I think it will be a bit cheaper than the Speedball ink I have been using and would allow me to mix your own colours. Nice!Can't wait to see your two-toned stencil next week!

These walls are so fun and interesting...who would go back to plain old solid walls after seeing all these fun patterns!!!

Hi Kim,

I am a new follower and love all of your work, especially the Indian inlay. I want to cover everything with it! My question is this: Is there any chance you will be doing one for a round surface anytime soon?? Thanks and I look forward to following along with you and learning new ideas in the future!

I have no plans (yet!) to do a round version, but you've got me thinking..... :)

Allsion, You did a fantastic nuembr on that little piece! Love the color- subtle, yet it makes a statement. And your graphic stencil on it is adorable. I saw Debbie's feature on your shutters, too. How fun. I'll stop by again soon to see what you're up to. Thanks for coming by to comment. It's always nice to meet a new friend. :-) Sue