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Blank walls can be depressing, so why not fill the void by creating a little DIY art? This drip art piece is cool, or….

This one from Grassroots Modern would be simple to create – just mask off, and paint.

Ceiling mediallions make a 3D display:

Sharp Minds Think Alike featured this framed wallpaper display:

Rolled paper mounted on board over at Row House Nest

Giant 'Cross Stitch' over at The Hidden List (love this one! Wish I'd thought of it…):

Remember Spirograph?! (If not, then I'm old.) Yarnia's customer made this awesome wall install:

Paint chip mosaic over at Print Paper Cloth:

Doormat 'Print' via APT:

What will you make?

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  1. Lona White
    | Reply

    Love your styles because they are so simple. Do you have any decorating books out yet?

    • Kim Myles
      | Reply

      Not yet, but I’m working on it!

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