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If you're looking for a quick project this spring, why not give your staircase some of the good, good DIY lovin'?

Up-cycled yardsticks:

Stencils (love that the patterns are united by one color way):

Mosaics (an advanced project, but wow…)

Simple wallpaper swatches:

Chalk board paint (!):

Painted Mural (you could also slice up a mural-style poster and apply it like wallpaper):

A simple painted 'runner':

Mirrored tile (they come in sheets, which would help make this quick

work compared with trying to execute a mosaic…):

Let's not forget the spindles and banisters!

5 small bottles of craft paint can yeild tons of personality:

Why not mix it up? Paint the banister black and the spindles white for a fresh, graphic vibe:

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