Roxanne Rocks!

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Back in September, Roxanne Price won a design consultation with me thanks to her winning submission for the 'Name My House of Fifty Column' contest. She wanted help with her dining room, so I shared my thoughts and then she got seriously jiggy with the design.

Here's a bit about Roxanne in her own words:

“I'm an author of Women's Contemporary Literature and Young Adult Fiction, most recently with my YA Urban Fantasy novel, the Queen of All Fates slated for release later this year. I hold a Master's degree in Education, I'm an English teacher, and I live with my wonderfully supportive husband, two rambunctious children, an over-weight cat and a partridge in a pear tree.

In my spare time (as if) I obsess over interior design magazines and blogs and try to find clever ways to make my house chic on a dime. (Sometimes even a nickel, but it's a really shiny one!) I think I

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