Sconce Slipcovers

Sconce Slipcovers

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If you’ve seen my house tour over at Apartment Therapy, then you know that I rent, and I hate the light fixtures in my apartment. Since I dig an easy DIY, I decided to brainstorm/create some slipcovers for my fugly bedroom wall sconces. Here’s how I did it:

Exhibit A:

Original Wall Sconce

This photo doesn’t adequately capture the truly dingy, bruised-pink hue of the metal. (If it were an Urban Decay makeup color, it’d be called ‘Anus’). There are 3 sconces in my bedroom, and perhaps the manufacturer was going for copper..?…but it’s… pink. (Seriously, WHY.)

I decided to create a more contemporary, organic shade for all three by building an easy slipcover. I used:


  • 1 bamboo table runner (got mine at Cost Plus World Market, but I’m not sure if they still carry this style)
  • 1, 10″ wooden embroidery hoop from the craft store.
  • 3 large paper clips
  • A marker, a craft blade and hot glue.


1. I measured the depth of the existing sconce shade, and used that to measure/cut the hoop to the correct dimensions and width. **Note: to cut the hoop, I just scored it with the craft blade and snapped it  - no need to bust out your hand saw.

2. I did a dry fit by wrapping the runner over the new, half moon shaped hoop piece, then cut the runner down to the right length.

3. I measured/marked a plum line on the back of the runner piece so I’d be sure to glue the hoop on in a straight line.

4. I opened the paper clips up a bit so they’d act like hooks/slip easily over the lip of the current sconce shades. I glued the first one onto that line and then glued the hoop piece on top of that.

5. Repeat.


Here’s how the back side looks:

Back side of Slipcover

**Safety Note: I use cold/CFL bulbs, but if you want to be completely fire safe, line the back of the runner with fire safe vellum before you start glueing.

Here’s the final look:

Sconce Slipcover


Clean, contemporary and easy to remove whenever I move. If you haven’t seen them in action over at Apartment Therapy, what are you waiting for?!

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  1. Ty
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    Kim, I’ve adored you, your style and your talent since Design Star. I was SO excited for you when you won, and I’m pleased to see that you’re still creating fabulous designs. You’re definitely an inspiration… These sconces look awesome. Much continued success to you. I look forward to visiting your blog in the future!

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