Welcome to My New Home!

Welcome to My New Home!

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You ever wake up one day and realize that you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle (or outfit or attitude) for years, and it no longer suits you? Well, that’s my story, and that’s why my site has a happy new face.

Here’s what’s changed for me:

1. I Like What I Like. 

Seriously, God bless our 40’s. I spent my 30’s self-censoring like my life and livelihood depended on it, but now I’m realizing that ‘other people’s opinions of me are none of my business’. For years I’ve been afraid to let my design freak flag fly, but I’ve finally given myself permission to play! Crazy colors, wild patterns, funky paintings and whimsical choices …this is who I am at heart, and I’m excited to wear my heart on my sleeve with you guys.

2. I Enjoy Renting and Owning.

I made this announcement to a top design editor a few years back, and you’d have thought I’d just bent over and farted. I’ve spent years as an on-again/off-again closeted renter working in an industry that glorifies ownership, and as a consequence owning has been the focus of much of my work.

But I’m busting out, people!

Because renting can be AWESOME. Renting is a lifestyle choice, not a consolation prize when ‘The American Dream’ of home ownership isn’t attainable. And ‘Dream Homes’ don’t depend on ownership – they’re defined by heart. I grew up in rentals, I’ve also owned. I live in a rental now (see it on Apartment Therapy!), but soon I’m going to own again. Point is, great design can happen anywhere, in any space, so from time to time I’ll show you what renting in America really looks like (hint: it’s fabulous!).

3. YOU.

The purpose of my work isn’t to win the ‘prettiest room’ race. It’s to inspire you – to help you feel excited and empowered to grab hold of what makes you truly happy. To show you that fear of failure and shame about your circumstances have no place in your home. I know that the more I celebrate who I truly am and how I truly live, the more that truth ripples and sparkles across my life. Design continues to help me build a map to my truest, most authentic self – and it can do that for you, too. The limits of your budget or your inability to pick the ‘right’ paint color don’t matter here – when you show up, it’s all about a personal evolution revolution!

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  1. Mary Owens
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    Kim, I am so happy that you are obviously very happy and confident. Treat your success like a blessed treasure, for finding true happiness had evaded some of us, and so has love. I have admired your bubbly personality from the beginning and am very proud of you. Keep up the good work and I will continue to follow your success.

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